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  • 2:22:49 Popular Aralida Hoovugalu

    Aralida Hoovugalu

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    Aralida Hoovugalu is a 1991 Kannada film directed by Chi Dattaraj, starring Shivrajkumar, Vidya Shree. The Music has been composed by Upendra Kumar. The film is based on Romance, Drama.Vijay a happy go lucky young boy is the only brother of a wealthy and

  • 2:33:09 Popular Nanjundi Kalyana

    Nanjundi Kalyana

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    Nanjundi Kalyana is a family drama movie which starts with Gauri Ganesha festival. During offering pooja to goddess Gauri, Girija Lokesh(mother of Raghuchandra)receives money order as gift of festival from her brother. She is excited at the affection of h

  • 2:28:13 Popular Bhaktha Prahlada

    Bhaktha Prahlada

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    Bhakta Prahlada is a Kannada Movie Directed by Vijay, Starring Dr. Rajkumar, Saritha, Ananth Naag, Master Lohith, Ambika (Guest Appearance), Kanchana, Thoogudeepa Shrinivas, Gangadhar, Shrinivasa Murthy, Shivaram, Rajanand, Hanumanthachar, Mysore Lokesh,

  • 2:31:11 Popular Rathasapthami


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    RathaSapthami is a Kannada movie Directed by M.S. Rajshekar, Starring Shivrajkumar, Sudha Rani.

  • 2:26:54 Popular Navibbaru Namagibbaru -- ನಾವಿಬ್ಬರು ನಮಗಿಬ್ಬರು

    Navibbaru Namagibbaru -- ನಾವಿಬ್ಬರು ನಮಗಿಬ್ಬರು

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    Navibbaru Namagibbaru is a Kannada movie Directed by M.S Rajshekhar Starring Raghavendra Rajkumar, Malasri, Padmasri, Jayanthi, Doddanna. Music by Upendra Kumar and Movie Produced by Puneeth Rajkumar under the banner of Anjana Enterprises.

  • 2:22:12 Popular Sutradhaara


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    Sutradhaara is a Kannada Film Starring Raghavendra Rajkumar.

  • 2:32:02 Popular Anuragada Alegalu

    Anuragada Alegalu

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    Daya is a new age pop sensation who is madly in love with an unknown person who sends him repeated letters without any name. He meets Priya and falls in love with her and realizes that Priya is the same girl who sends him repeated letters. Fate plays a di

  • 2:47:23 Popular Trimurthy


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    Timurthy an action based film is about a young man who has three personalities. A well known police inspector solves his cases with his witty skills. A young reckless hippie boy is caught in several illegal crimes. An old loyal gardener is happy with his

  • 2:33:53 Popular Anuraga Aralithu

    Anuraga Aralithu

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    Anuraga Aralithu (Kannada- ಅನುರಾಗ ಅರಳಿತು) is a 1986 Kannada film based on a Kannada Novel. The film starred actor Dr. Rajkumar along with Madhavi, Geetha and Pandari Bai. It was directed by: M.S. Rajashekhar. The music director and composer was Upendra Ku

  • 2:38:25 Popular Valee


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    Cast : Anuradha, Sriram, Gurukiran, Hariharan, Unnikrishnan, Sudeep, Gurukiran.

  • 2:15:56 Popular Swabhimaana


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    Cast : Ravichandran, Mahalakshmi, Arathi, Tiger Prabhakar.

  • 2:20:05 Popular Annayya


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    Annayya is a story of a person named "Annayya"(Ravichandran) who is the only child of a rich Landlord(Srinath) and had lost his mother at the time of his bir...